Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

Everyone, at least once in life, had to write an essay. For some, writing may be simpler than for others. For those who have difficulties they usually pay for essay writing and learn from it. You can always search for help with homework Reddit requests and see what solutions are offered there. Still, if you decide to write an essay on your won, you should keep in mind that an essay has three main parts: introduction, development or body, and conclusion.
The introduction is usually short, but it all depends on the size of our writing. Its function is to introduce the reader to the topic we will discuss and where the hypothesis is presented. The hypothesis is the idea that we make, clarify or sustain throughout our essay.
Development is the body of the essay. It covers most of the text and it sets out the arguments that clarify and support our hypothesis. Here, if the essay requires academic firmness, the citations, notes, and references for our arguments should be presented in this part.
Finally, the conclusion is the final part of the essay. Here, we can make a summary of the main argumentative lines following a line from the hypothesis and end up giving our point of view or final resolution of the subject.
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Next, you will find some tips you should take into account to write an effective essay.

1. Do Well-Done Research of the Topic You Are Going to Write

If you wonder how to write an essay, you should start by knowing well what you are going to write.
You can search online or in the local library information about your topic. Also, you can ask a professional for help to find the best books to help you with your research.

How to Evaluate the Source of Information?

- Author: What are the author's credentials (the type of education, written books, experience) in this area?
- Year of publication: Medical or scientific topics should have a current source of information. Humanities issues may have been written many years ago.
- Edition: Is it the first edition? If the source has several editions, it required updates.
- Who published the source?

2. Search and Analyze Other Essays on Your Topic

One of the most effective ways to develop your writing skills is to analyze someone else writings.
Seeing many writing styles, and different ways of approaching a topic are very helpful if you need to know how to write a good essay.

3. Use a Brainstorm to Start Your Writing

Brainstorming is a method that students can use to generate ideas to write their essays. Here your goal is to put your thoughts on paper without worrying about being organized and see if they make sense or if they could fit your thoughts with each other.
Example: if your topic is "The importance of the curriculum vitae to find a good job", try to put all your ideas on why it is important to write a well-done curriculum. Since you put everything that occurred to you, select the best ones to do your essay.

4. Make a Plan of Your Essay

Order your ideas. Write the main idea, and write down at least 3 arguments that support them.
The proposition: "The formation of the British Empire in the colonial era created the modern world."
Example 1: “The language that is most used in international business today is English.”
Example 2: “The largest economy in the world today is the United States, a former colony of the British Empire.”
Now write your arguments and your ideas in detail.